I’m a Voice Actor

Gravitas, smooth, calming, gravelly, upbeat, strong, funny

I have a knack for the dramatic and a good sense of comedy (acting and comedic improv). Providing authenticity to my work is what I enjoy most..and in my experience, it’s where VO is these days.  That’s what I aim to do every time I get in the booth.

Audio Work

I’m all about that bass

Voice Over & Corporate Narration

I spent years in business – “corporate” is my second language.

  1. Freeletics 1:20
  2. NBA Playoffs 0:33
  3. City of Hope 0:30
  4. Tom Clancy's Division 6 Tom Clancy's 1:09
  5. HUD 0:30
  6. NBA Tip Off 0:31
  7. Demo - Commercial
  8. Demo - Narration - Satire
  9. Demo - Narration - Calming
  10. Demo - Narration - Instructional (Live TV)
  11. Demo - Narration - Product Comparison
  12. Demo - Narration - Coaching
  13. Demo - Character


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